Planning a wedding is filled with excitement, anticipation, and romance. Just the idea that you and your partner will soon be tying the knot is heartwarming! Therefore, planning your ideal wedding day is of importance.

Have you started planning your wedding day yet?

Here at Pollyanna Richter Weddings, we love seeing happy couples enjoy their wedding planning experience! That’s why we have gathered some of the top tasks to complete as you plan your own wedding. To discover what these tasks are, be sure to continue reading: 

Creating Your Budget

Starting off your marriage without wedding debt sounds incredible, right? When you create a wedding budget, that’s exactly what you can do. The budget you create will determine the smallest details, and help you weed out things that you don’t really need. It will also ensure that you have enough money to get the most important things on your wedding list. 

When creating your budget, have a total amount that you can spend on your wedding overall. Then, create smaller budgets, such as for catering, flowers, your dress, etc. In addition, keep records of every detail that you spend money on by investing in a wedding book organizer. Staying organized and writing things down will ensure that you successfully keep track of your wedding finances and the details purchased.

An Ample Amount of Time

Planning a wedding certainly isn’t something that happens overnight! In fact, you will want an ample amount of time to ensure that you don’t miss out on any crucial wedding elements, such as booking the perfect venue and vendors. Ideally, it is best to begin planning your big day a year in advance, so that there is no rush, and you can ensure that you receive everything that you want for your special day.

Developing Your Guest List

A bigger guest list means a higher cost. Are you ready to pay for acquaintances or old high school friends to enjoy a great party? Or are you seeking a more intimate celebration? You can be as picky as you need to be when creating your guest list. Only invite the people who you feel would best contribute to your big day. Close family, beloved friends; these are all great additions to your wedding day.

So, as you plan your guest list, decide how many people you want to attend your wedding, and develop yours based on that number. Having a set number of guests will assist you with sticking to your budget and purchasing only the needed elements to create your wedding.

Add Personalization

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner! It’s time to celebrate the common passions you have and the unique relationship that you both share. You can use your relationship as inspiration for your wedding details. Create elements for your wedding that hold a personal meaning for you, such as your theme, centerpieces. From your favorite flowers to your favorite colors, you can make your wedding your own.

The more meaning that you display within your wedding, the more exclusive your big day truly is. You will be able to look back on your wedding keepsakes and photos and know how special your details truly were. 

Choose Your Bridal Party Members

Your bridal party will consist of your closest friends and family members who have made an impact in your life. These members will greatly contribute to your big day, as they will host bachelor and bachelorette parties for you, attend bridal appointments with you, and ensure that you and your partner are prepared and happy for your walk down the aisle.

When choosing your members, know that there doesn’t have to be a set number, as you should only choose those who you feel are closest to you. Don’t feel obligated to ask anyone to be a part of your bridal party, as it is your big day and you should only choose who you please. After you have chosen your members, ensure that everyone is aware of their role within your wedding, and the tasks that they should complete.

Creating check-lists is a great way to make sure that everyone is on the same page, and that no details are forgotten. In addition, you will want to ensure that everyone knows of their financial obligations, whether you are paying for their attire and styling, or they are. Don’t leave anyone in the dark.

A Delicious Cuisine

Your wedding cuisine will be well-anticipated by your guests. They will certainly be thrilled to indulge in the wonderful food that you will be presenting. If you want your guests to remember your wedding fondly, do not skimp out on your cuisine.

No matter what style of cuisine you choose, whether it be an elegant, plated meal or a tasty, home-style buffet, your food will be one of the most memorable parts of your big day. It is important to know that there are many ways that you can present your meal, which can also impact your budget. There are many options available to you, such as plated, family-style, and buffet-style serving. Deciding which would best complement your wedding theme and budget is of importance.

The Preservation of Your Memories

Your wedding photos will be your greatest keepsake from your big day. Each image will showcase your most wonderful moments and the joy that everyone had while celebrating your nuptials with you. 

When searching for the best wedding photographer, you will want to look at their wedding photography portfolios, their photography style, and reviews from past weddings that they have services, so that you choose the best one for your big day. 

The best way to see if your potential photographer is the best choice for your wedding is to take part in an engagement photoshoot. Not only will you be presented with beautiful engagement photos, but you will have the opportunity to see if you mesh well with the photographer, and it will also have you knowing what to expect when it comes to being photographed on your wedding day.

Invest in Help

The entire wedding planning process does not have to fall on your shoulders. Let your partner help out! It will make them feel involved and allow them to splash in their own creative touches. They will thank you for it, and you will both look back on your wedding day fondly. In addition, hiring an Atlanta wedding planner will greatly assist you with creating a successful wedding celebration.

The top benefits of hiring a wedding planner are: They will assist you with sticking to your budget, they will ensure that your interests are incorporated into your big day, they network with other wedding professionals, so that you will receive only the best-of-the-best services for your wedding, and they will guarantee that planning your big day is an easy and fun experience for you.

A Setting to Bring Your Big Day Together

Your wedding should be anything but ordinary! The setting that you choose for your big day should complement your chosen theme and color scheme, as well as make a statement. When choosing your venue, ensure that it provides an ample amount of space to comfortably seat all of your guests. In addition, you will want it to be in a convenient location, so that everyone can attend with ease.

Booking your wedding venue should be one of the first tasks completed, as it will set the tone and be the base for the planning of all of your other wedding details. Also, other details need to be considered, such as if parking is provided for your guests as well as restrooms, if you have chosen to have an outdoor wedding. Many factors will need to be determined to guarantee that your venue is the best choice for your big day.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Life happens! Therefore, it is best to be prepared for any mishaps or curve balls that could be thrown your way on your big day. Creating backup plans for certain scenarios is of importance. For example, if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding, and there is the potential for rain, you will want to ensure that your venue has an indoor location or tents that you can utilize if the weather isn’t in your favor.

Also, creating an “emergency kit” for your wedding day, filled with items such as a sewing kit and stain remover, will allow you to be prepared if there are any mishaps with your dress. 

Learning to Take a Step Back

There is no doubt that planning your wedding is a crucial task that comes with a deadline. However, remember what is most important, you and your partner being in love and committing yourselves to one another! If you find yourself getting too wrapped up in the wedding planning process, take a step back. Planning your wedding shouldn’t affect your relationship or the bond with your partner. 

Every big day should be planned with ease! With these tips, you can start your wedding planning off right. We would be honored to assist you with creating your big day! Please feel free to contact us today to begin working with your Atlanta wedding planner.

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