Weddings are a celebration of love. They're a symbolic stepping stone into a life of infinite bliss with your soulmate. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many details that will need to be chosen. From your gorgeous wedding dress to mouth-watering cuisine, you will certainly be making many decisions. However, one main detail that will need your attention is your décor, such as your flowers. Your wedding flowers will be the highlight of your wedding décor!

Take a second to think about the wedding details that you have planned, from your table linens to your chosen venue. Every detail can serve as inspiration for your blooms and offer unique elements that could make the right flowers pop.

Before your head off to your local floral shop or to your floral design appointment, it would help to make yourself aware of some of the most popular wedding flowers! We've compiled a list of the top sixteen most popular wedding flowers to help make your day unforgettable.

Let's get started!

1. Roses 

The roses are the image of romance. Writers since the time of myth have used the roses as symbol of true love and passion. They have solid colors, bicolor and tipped colors varieties. These intricate and gorgeous flowers are holding strong at the top of the floral list. So, they will certainly make a wonderful addition to your wedding day. Showcase the excitement and love that you and your partner share by incorporating these stunning flowers into your wedding décor. From your centerpieces to lining your aisle, roses are up to the task of creating an amorous mood for your nuptials.

2. Calla Lilies

The trumpet-shaped calla lilies have been a fixture at weddings for years. Seeing as they are subjects of paintings and photos, know that they will certainly make any bride the center of attention. While ivory calla lilies are a popular choice for weddings, they also come in other unique color options as well, such as mauve-pink, yellow, orange, and dark purple. You can even pair them with other flowers, like hydrangeas, to blend both color and class.

3. Peonies

Sometimes, you just need a full and voluptuous flower to create a bold and dramatic centerpiece for your tables. If you are looking to create a pop of color and present fuller looking centerpieces, peonies are a great option. You have plenty of room to create lush and unique centerpieces or bouquets with these lavish blooms. If you are seeking a flower that showcases a subtle and elegant appearance, peonies are a wonderful option! In addition, they are presented in many colors and bloom types so you can discover the perfect hue to complement your wedding color palette and style.

4. Sweet Peas

We all know and love the smell of sweet peas, but did you know that they are also a colorful option for your wedding floral arrangements? These blooms not only provide a candy like smell that is sure to leave your guests infatuated, but they will also provide a little pop of purple within your arrangements. Sweet peas pose as the perfect filler flowers, for arrangements and bouquets.

5. Hydrangeas

On the other hand, if you are opposed to scented blooms, whether it is due to allergies or sensitivity to smells, you can choose an equally gorgeous bloom without a scent. Hydrangeas offer lovely white, pink, violet, blue, and garden green colors that could complement your wedding theme. If you are looking for a voluminous flower, or just looking to fill out your arrangements, hydrangeas are a stunning option. After all, abundant arrangements will create quite show-stopping arrangements for your tables!

6. Daisies

Finding beauty in the simple things shows a deeper appreciation for the world. You can present a simple bloom for your wedding décor when you showcase lovely daisies. There are plenty of colors that could go beautifully with your wedding color palette. Daisies are a traditional choice and can exude beauty within all of your wedding arrangements and bouquets. These little blooms would be ideal for a rustic or country-themed wedding, as they will complement the theme beautifully.

7. Succulents

If you are a fan of the cute and charming, your wedding blooms can show that. Succulents are a durable and unique option for your wedding flowers. They are also a great choice for outdoor weddings, as the heat won’t cause them to wilt. There is so much creative possibility with succulents, and they have been known to pair beautifully with southern-themed weddings. Also, they are popular choice as they are available all year long.

8. Stephanotis

For the traditional brides, you can't go wrong with Stephanotis! Presenting a classic white and star-shaped appeal, these fragrant flowers grow on a flowering vine. Stephanotis also makes for a wonderful boutonniere. With a symbolic meaning of marital happiness, stephanotis adds a conservative charm to more formal, upscale affairs.

9. Lilies

Are you looking for a lovely bloom that can bring an alternative look to your tables and bouquets? If so, you can choose lilies! There are many different styles and colors, such as tiger lilies or lily of the valley, so that you can showcase a unique appearance. From bell shape florets to striped blooms, lilies can create an exclusive look for your arrangements.

10. Carnations

Often seen in lovely corsages and boutonnieres, carnations can create a charming look for your big day. With plenty of color choices, you can match your wedding theme, create pops of color on your tables or within your bouquet, and you can also showcase a classic look.

11. Tulips

Do you want to brighten your wedding with color? Tulips are the most colorful of all spring flowers. These vibrant florals are their own little rainbow, as their wide color palette will make any bouquet stand out. You can discover tulips in red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, white, brown and many more hues. Tulips will certainly create a minimalistic look for your big day.

12. Dahlias

Bold and dramatic is a great way to make an impression on your big day. You can create an unforgettable floral display with intricate dahlias. Dahlias will present a grand image for your arrangements and are great for filling space. One great aspect about dahlias is their design, as they present an appearance that differs from the average blooms. Their little petals create crevices that are sure to add some dynamic to your arrangements, creating a lovely pop of color and dimension.

13. Lilacs

How could you not love the look of lilacs? If you are searching for a delicate flower to bring a little softness to your nuptials, you are in luck! Lilacs don’t just come in purple, though. You can find both violet and white lilacs, letting you present a dash of color throughout your arrangements. Whether you choose to showcase lilacs as filler flowers, or all on their own, know that they will certainly be a gorgeous addition to your big day.

14. Orchids

Orchids are well known for their rare and exotic beauty. Orchids have the largest variety of flowers with a stunning number of over 25,000 different species. As you can see, diversity is not a problem for orchids. In addition, they are one of the cut flowers that can last up to 2 weeks on the stem with proper care. Orchids will surely make an impression throughout your wedding décor. You can display orchids at your wedding in many ways from planted vases to glamorous floral arrangements. Also, orchids are often seen in cascading floral bouquets due to their versatile beauty.

15. Lily of the Valley

Almost every royal bride, from Princess Diana to Meghan Markle, carried a bridal bouquet containing Lily of the Valley. Coincidence? Not by chance. Lily of the Valley means "the return of happiness", which is one of the reasons why it is often used at weddings. If a simple and elegant white floral décor is what you have in mind, consider this flower as one of your options. 

16. Anemones

With their delicate white petals and jet-black centers, you will be presented with such beauty and grace if you showcase anemones at your wedding. However, know that you can discover these beauties in other hues as well, such as red, pink, purple and blue. Often utilized as filler flowers within arrangements and bouquets, there is no questioning why these lovely little flowers are utilized within weddings, as they present such elegance and class.

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