Your wedding venue is essentially where your marriage will begin. You will walk down the aisle, share your first dance, and your loved ones will toast to your happiness. But, your venue offers so much more than that. Your location can hold a special meaning such as where you proposed, had your first date, or even first met. It can also complement your theme, provide necessary amenities, such as catering, rooms to get ready, and even rooms in which your out of town guests can stay.

There are so many different aspects that a venue can offer, and many more to consider when choosing the perfect one.

We understand that your wedding venue will be the base for your big day! That’s why, here at Pollyanna Richter Weddings, we have put together a few things you should consider when searching for your perfect wedding venue. If you want a venue that will allow your big day to shine, be sure to keep reading to discover more:

Complement your style

Your wedding has a distinct style, and the venue you choose will help you create the ultimate setting for your big day. Whether your venue has a great view of the ocean for your beach themed wedding, or if it offers a scenic view of the mountains and forest for your rustic style, the perfect venue will help you create the ideal image that you have for your wedding.

Consider the amount of space

Big or small, you need room for them all. Your wedding guests are thrilled to witness such a true display of love, and they are tickled pink to see you and your partner so happy. It’s important that your venue has room for everyone. Be sure to avoid heartbreak and disappointment by choosing a venue with adequate space. Before you go on the hunt for your wedding venue, have at least an estimate of how many guests will be attending, so that you can choose your space to comfortably hold them all.

Most importantly, consider your budget

Starting off your marriage in debt is not at all ideal, and completely unnecessary. They say that the majority of fights married couples have are over finances. Do you want to start off your partnership pinching pennies and paying off wedding loans? You can start it off right as long as you stick to your budget. The less you spend on non-essentials, the more you have for your honeymoon! When creating your overall budget, delegate a smaller budget just for your venue, so that you know exactly how much money you are comfortable putting forth towards the expense.

Amenities are wonderful

When you fell in love with your partner, surely it wasn’t just because of their charming smile or those eyes that make your knees weak. It was about what they could offer to your life, such as support, love, and a true partner for the rest of your life. Your venue may not offer you a lifetime of companionship, but it can offer other traits, such as catering, natural lighting for great photos, and even full service with linens, décor, and the whole nine yards. If they don’t have what you are looking for, perhaps you should keep looking for the truly perfect venue.

As a bride or groom to-be, it’s important that you have the wedding of your dreams. These are a few things to take into consideration when choosing the location to begin your marriage. Here at Pollyanna Richter Weddings, we believe that your wedding day should be absolutely perfect for you, from the person you marry to every wedding detail. If you are ready to begin planning your wedding day, feel free to schedule Your Wedding Planning Consultation.

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Photo: Mike Moreland