It’s no surprise that your wedding cake will be well-looked forward to by all of your guests! Towering tiers of sugary goodness will be comprised of delicious flavors and delectable fillings, ready to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth’s. Being such an important part of your wedding reception, and cake cutting ceremony, your wedding cake should certainly be planned with care.

Are you aware of how to begin planning your big day sweet treat?

So much goes into planning elements of a wedding! That’s why, here at Pollyanna Richter Weddings, we have gathered some tips to assist you in planning your wedding cake. If you are curious to learn what these tips are, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

Discover your baker

First off, you will want to choose the best baker to create your wedding cake. When searching, take a look at reviews online and photos of their previous work, so that you can ensure your chosen baker is up for such a scrumptious task. After you have narrowed down your potentials, schedule a cake tasting appointment, and choose the one whose flavors have your mouth watering.

The basics

Once your baker has been chosen, you will then need to know what size cake would be most fitting for your wedding. While you may not know the exact number of guests you will have attending your big day, a general headcount for your baker will assist them in ensuring that enough cake is provided. From there, you will then be able to create your base, whether you prefer square or round tiers, and how you would like them stacked.

Showcase your Style

After developing the base of your wedding cake, it is then time to create its style. Surely, you will want your cake to tie into the theme and color scheme of your wedding. Therefore, consider elements of your décor to be represented among your cake. Popular styles presented are gorgeous, naked wedding cakes. Or, elements of metallic details showcased among your tiers. With the use of color, design, and even fabric details, you can get crafty with the creation of yours.

Let it shine

Last, your wedding cake will need a beautiful display within your reception. Consider creating a table just for your cake, to showcase its delectable beauty. Adorn your table with a sequin tablecloth, if you wish to add some sparkle and shine, and know that pinspot lighting will also assist in accentuating each and every beautiful detail.

With your wedding cake being such a big part of your big day, certainly you will want its outcome to be perfect! These are just a few tips to assist you in planning yours. If you are ready to begin planning and styling your wedding, contact us today. Pollyanna Richter Weddings believes that each wedding should be unique to you and your partner, for a truly intimate experience.