Becoming engaged is quite a thrilling time within your life. Your partner has confessed their ultimate love for you, and now you have both declared your intent to spend the rest of your time creating a life together. This is your moment to celebrate your new commitment to each other, as this is a huge step in both you and your partner’s lives.

However, after announcing and celebrating your engagement, you may now be wondering how to begin planning your wedding.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there should be no stress! That’s why, here at Pollyanna Richter Weddings, we have gathered a few of the first tasks to do after getting engaged. If you are newly engaged, and want to start off on the right foot, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

Create a budget

Your budget will greatly determine your wedding details, from your venue to your catering. Before you begin planning your wedding, it’s recommended that you sit down with your family and determine who will be helping you pay for your big day, and how much they will be contributing. Creating a budget before you begin your planning will help prevent any unrealistic images for your wedding, and assist you in knowing just how much money you have to spend on each element.

Develop your guest list

Whether you prefer an intimate get together or a grand event, your guest list will play a vital role in your wedding planning. There will be many different aspects that will affect your guest list, such as your venue’s size. Your budget will also determine how many guests you can afford, as the more guests you have attending means you will have to choose a larger venue and serve more food.

Choose a style

You will certainly want to show off your own personal style for your big day. Take a second and envision the big picture, your entire wedding day. What are the major details that you see? How do you make the day your own and honor you and your partner becoming a couple? Consider these key points: size, indoor or outdoor, home or destination, theme, and formality. Determining these elements will assist you in choosing a style that reflects your vision for your big day.

Set the date

Whenever you announce your engagement, you are likely to be asked if you have set a date. This cannot always be determined first thing, as it will heavily rely on other major decisions. Determining a range of dates that work best will help you narrow your options down until you have a date that works for you, your venue, and your guests. It is best to consider your desired season and theme first, to choose a date that complements your style. However, you do not have to feel rushed to set a date. Average engagements last about fifteen months, and your engagement can last as long as you would like.

Congratulations on your new engagement! These tips will assist you in beginning your wedding planning the right way. If you are still seeking a wedding planner, please feel free to contact us today. Pollyanna Richter Weddings believes that weddings are like snowflakes – each one should be unique!