You have likely dreamed of the day that you would make your grand walk down the aisle. You will be carrying your stunning bouquet, rocking that jaw dropping gown, and your father would link arms with you as he escorts you to the other most important man within your life. You can probably imagine it now, as it will be quite a beautiful sight.

However, do you know how the rest of your wedding ceremony will progress? You will be accompanied by your bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer, and maybe even your loveable pet. Thus, it should be well organized.

With so many elements that create your wedding ceremony, it’s only understandable that you want it to be perfectly presented. That’s why, here at Pollyanna Richter Weddings, we have put together a few points on how to organize your wedding ceremony. If you want your ceremony to go flawlessly, feel free to keep reading to discover more.

The three important parts of your ceremony. Your ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day, as it joins you and your partner together in matrimony. Your ceremony will consist of three very important parts, the prelude, processional, and the recessional.

o   Your prelude is a harmonious welcome for your guests that can signal where you wedding is taking place. It provides a melodious background noise as your guests ready themselves for the ceremony.

o   Your processional is the point in the wedding where the officiant, groom, bridal party, and bride make their way to the altar.

o   The recessional takes place after the ceremony is completed, as it’s the exit for the newlywed couple, followed by the bridal party.

The guests have arrived and about 2 – 5 minutes before the ceremony starting time on the invitation they will need to be shown to their seats. Before the procession begins, the immediate family of the bride and groom will be seated. This section describes the order of seating, processional, and recessional:

·         The grandparents are seated. The grandparents are escorted to their seats just before the groom’s parents. The groom’s grandparents are the first to be seated. Depending on how comfortable your grandparents will be waiting for the ceremony, it might be a good idea to seat the grandparents when they arrive so that they wouldn’t get tired waiting for the ceremony.

·         The groom’s parents enter. Once they are seated, the bride’s mother enters.

·         The bride’s mother enters. The bride’s mother entrance is the signal that the wedding processional is about to begin. She will proceed down the aisle escorted by a son, brother, or the usher. Parents of both the bride and groom sit in the first row on their respective sides. The bride’s family and friends are seated on the left side. The right side is reserved for the groom’s friends and family. However, if one family will have many more guests than the other, everyone may sit together. This is will fill up the empty seats on one side.

·         Your officiant enters. Usually the officiant enters as soon as the processional music starts. You also have the option of having the officiant entering from the side with the groom and the best man.  

·         Your handsome groom. Your groom can either enter from the side and await his bride, accompanied by his best man at the right side of the head of the aisle, or he can make his way down the aisle.

·         His most loyal, the best man. The best man will make his way down the aisle or from the side with the groom. He will then ready himself to hold the rings and stand by the groom’s left side, and slightly behind him, and they both face the guests. As soon as they take their place, the procession begins.

·         The charming groomsmen. The groomsmen lead the procession one by one, or linking arms with your bridesmaids. You lined them up by height (the shortest man first) or by friendship. Junior groomsmen follow the adults.

·         Your loyal bridesmaids. The loyal bridesmaids to follow, walking one by one, or linking arms with your groomsmen. They will lead the way for the maid of honor and the stunning bride. The junior bridesmaids come next, before the maid/matron of honor.

·         Your best, the maid or matron of honor. The maid or matron precedes the child attendants. If there are 2 (two) maid or matron of honor, whoever has the most duties walks last.

·         The ring bearer. Comes next followed by the flower girl.

·         Darling flower girl. This little cutie will precede the gorgeous bride. As the procession ends, the ring bearer will hand the rings to the best man. The ring bearer and flower girl may stand throughout the ceremony, if you think they are old enough to stay still for that long or they may join their parents in the audience.

·         The bride and her father or an especial escort. The father of the bride will escort his lovely daughter down the aisle. The bride on her father’s left arm.

When the ceremony is over, the maid or matron of honor hands back the bouquet to the bride and straightens her gown and train. The bride takes her groom’s right arm and walk back the aisle together, leading the recession of the bridal party. The flower girl will follow walking on the ring bearer’s right arm or by herself. Then the maid or matron of honor, best man, next the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Each of your bridesmaids will pair with the groomsmen as they file down the aisle. Ushers will then return to escort any immediate family from their seats.

Your wedding ceremony has a flow that can keep your big day running smoothly, and this is the traditional line up for a ceremony entrance. Here at Pollyanna Richter Weddings, we can assist you in planning your perfect wedding day. If you are ready to begin planning the details of your big day, please feel free to contact us, as we would be honored to consult with you.