20 Fun and Unique Wedding Photo Ideas to Make Your Day Truly Memorable

Over 2 million couples get married per year in the United States, which means that at least 2 million couples will have their photos taken.

Most people hire a photographer for their wedding, and often recreate the same few poses over and over again. While photos of the bride and groom, the family and wedding party are must-haves, you don't have to have everyone simply pose in a straight line like everyone else.

If you want to create truly unique wedding photos, read on for 20 tips on totally one-of-a-kind wedding photo ideas.

1. Aerial View of the Wedding Dress

This one will show off your dress in all its glory. If your photographer has a drone, he or she can incorporate it when getting the perfect shot. But if not, you can have your bridal party or family help you lay out your dress completely around you.

The photographer can take a photo from a balcony or another higher area. You'll instantly have both a really cool photo and a view of the entire dress.

2. Hanging Some Props from Trees

Photo props are huge for wedding photos. Take them to the next level by hanging some on trees by wires at your venue. Empty frames are a great place to start, as your guests can take fun photos with their faces in them.

3. Hire a Photo Booth

Your photographer will probably have some connections to hook you up with an awesome photo booth. Always popular at weddings, guests can use them to take their own photos, just like they do at the fair.

4. A Shot of Everyone at the Wedding

While this may be difficult for those who have a ton of guests, if your wedding is more intimate, this one is doable. Have everyone you invited surround you and your partner. You can have everyone clump together, or stand in a shape, like a heart.

5. Bride and Groom Holding Hands Through the Door

It's traditional that a groom doesn't see his bride in her dress until she walks down the aisle. Many couples like to have a little bit of alone time before they get married, but still want to maintain the secrecy of the bride's dress. Have the bride and groom stand on either side of a door while you take a photo of them either holding hands or passing a romantic note.

6. Three Generations Wedding Photo Ideas

If you're lucky enough to have your grandparents at your wedding, get a photo of your hand, your grandmother's hand and mother's hand, showing off your wedding rings. This can also be done with the groom.

If you're getting married for the second time and have grown children, have their hands showing off their wedding rings in your photo with your mother.

7. Instant Printer

In addition to a photographer, buy an instant printer for guests to connect to their phones. They can print off all of their photos from the day right then and there and take them home as souvenirs.

8. Close-Up of the Bride's Shoes

You may wear your bridal shoes but once in your life, so make sure you have your photographer capture them.

9. Bridesmaids Getting Ready

Most bridesmaids get ready together, so have your photographer snap a photo of all of you putting on your makeup and doing your hair.

10. Photos of Your Parents' Weddings

To incorporate your family members, especially those who are no longer living, bring a photo of your parents' wedding and the groom's parents' wedding. Have a photo taken of the pair of you holding the photos. This can also be done with grandparent wedding photos.

11. Aerial First Dance Photo

The first dance is one of the most important parts of the reception. This is another way you can include the use of a drone, or your photographer can, again, stand on a balcony to capture the perfect shot. This will give you a bird's eye view of an intimate moment.

12. Showing Off Your Marriage License

Take a photo with the pair of you kissing holding your marriage license. Or simply a photo of you holding the piece of paper that officially seals you as husband and wife.

13. In a Frame

We've already mentioned using empty picture frames previously, but you can also have people hold them for some truly unique shots. Have a bridesmaid and groomsman hold an empty picture frame with the two of you further back. The photographer will take a picture that makes it look as though the two of you are in the picture frame.

14. Black and White and Color

This will be one your photographer will do after the wedding with his or her editing software. But you can request a photo of the pair of you surrounded by your loved ones where you are in color and everyone else is in black and white.

15. Jumping

You'll probably feel like jumping for joy once the wedding is over and it's all official. Capture that moment by taking a photo of you and your groom mid-jump. You can also expand this to include the bridal party.

16. Covered in Confetti

If your guests throw confetti as you exit the wedding venue, have your photographer snap a photo of you mid throw so it looks as though the confetti is raining from the sky.

17. Sparklers

With some camera trickery and sparklers, you can take a photo of the pair of you looking as though you are surrounded by ethereal sprites.

18. How You Met with Bridesmaids or Groomsmen

Your bridesmaids or groomsmen are often the most important people in your lives. Take a photo of them holding a chalkboard with how you met written on it. It doesn't have to be long or detailed. In fact, "Sister" or "4th grade," will do!

19. Photo with Your Furry Friend

Not everyone wants to leave their dog home alone on their wedding day. Take a photo with your best pal standing next to the two of you, or one with your hand on top of your husband's and his paw on top.

20. Pinky Promise

A pinky promise meant business when you were little. Take a photo of your and your groom's left hands making a pinky promise, showing off your rings.

Finding the Perfect Shots

You don't need to create a shot list for your big day, but having an idea of wedding photo ideas is fantastic for you to discuss with your photographer. Together, you'll have an idea of the photos you want for your wedding, and the feel you're going for. This will make the day go seamlessly, and you won't have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself.

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