Have you already started the wedding planning but are overwhelmed with the details? It's never too late to bring us on board. 

We'll come in at any stage of the wedding planning process. Whether you need help with invitations or hire a few wedding business partners, we'll assist you until you say "I Do". We can take on any tasks that you are not excited about it or have no time to complete it.   

We'll customize a wedding planning services that will meet you where you are. 

So here's how it works:


We get on a call and you tell me your vision for your wedding. We dream together! During this initial call, I'll gain a better understanding of your wedding planning needs and wants. 


As you tell me all about your dream wedding, I'll attentively take notes. From there I'll be able to custom design a personalized proposal for you. After our initial conversation, I'll draft a proposal with the wedding planning services that best fit your needs and wants, then I'll email it to you for your review. On this same email, I'll request a follow up call to be scheduled so that we can discuss the proposal, make any necessary adjustments and answer any questions you might have.  


Once we've completed the proposal review, I'll send you an electronic package that contains the final proposal, the service agreement and the payment schedule for your review. When you are ready to move forward, you can secure my services with a few clicks. To facilitate the communication during this phase, I can be available in person, phone call or video conference. 


After we've taken care of the formalities (service agreement, etc), I'll design a wedding planning process that meets your lifestyle, work schedule, family dynamic and is aligned with the service agreement. We'll then schedule our one-on-one planning and design meetings. I can't wait to work together and explore all the possibilities that are available for your dream wedding!